Welcome to your online event!

Host virtual events your participants will love

Our platform and studio technology ensure that you can rely on us to host your next event. We support the whole process just as if you have a physical event

  • Bookings, with or without payments
  • An interactive online platform with unlimited attendees
  • Full access control for protected pages and streams
  • Reception area, Main Stage, Back Stage, Break-outs, Expo
  • Four studios with multiple cameras and advanced virtual backdrops

Stream from our studios and connect remote presenters

Our studios are just like different stages at a physical event.

  • Studio 1 is for presenters – make stunning online presentations
  • Studio 2 for moderators – makes sure the event goes smoothly
  • Studio 4 –  discussions, panels, chat and behind the scenes
  • Studio 3 – for break-outs, remote presenters or using Zoom or Teams
  • Remote – let presenters connect from anywhere in the world

Host your most interactive event yet

Engage your audience and let them participate and network just like at a physical event.

  • Chat, Q&A, with or without moderation
  • Polls – let your audience give their view
  • Mentimeter – integrated live polls, quizzes, Q&A, word clouds
  • Break-out sessions
  • One-on-one meetings with other participants

Problem free events

Many platforms require that participants contact the IT department to open up firewalls. Our platform ensures that participants can register, go to the Reception and Main Stage to watch videos+streams and chat without problems.

This ensures that your event can be seen by everyone.

If you include break-out sessions, we maximise compatibility by using embedded Zoom or Teams meetings.

Your brand – your event

Let the event enhance your brand and connect with your audience. Show that you are a professional company with a professional event.

  • Use your own logo and branded content in the landing page
  • All stages and streams can use digital virtual backdrops – enhance your brand and make it stand out from the crowd
  • Booth & Expo – display your products and services in the Expo area – just like at a physical event